Colors Of My Dreams

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Dreams come in different sizes and shapes for different people. My dream is no exception reflecting my own ambitions for power, my own aspiration for comfort and my own desire for family. With all these achievements realised, I can put into practise my ultimate dream of helping people less fortunate than I. However, with each of the three elements leading to my ultimate dream comes three equally fearful elements that may destroy my dream: my fear of being a nobody, a life without comfort, and living alone. Thus, my dream of helping individuals less fortunate than I comes with the price of facing a reality that I may lose everything in the process.

I begin by dividing my layout into two sides to show the duality of my dream. My use of black and white symbolism hopefully shows the risk involved in attaining my dream. On each side of my layout, the pictures I choose contradict the other side illustrating the contrast between the images.

The white is the background of all the chosen optimistic images and as for the black, it becomes the background of all the chosen pessimistic images. All these pictures represent my dreams with their opposing nightmares in life: the need for shelter, transportation, and family. By putting these images according to the colour symbolism, I hope to highlight the message that optimism is better than pessimism. Besides my use of colour symbolism, the shape of my poster also demonstrates the divergence between my dreams.

Needless to say, my dream has conflicting issues. My dream also comes with the realisation that life is more than black and white, that many grey areas exist in the colourful spectrum of life. Perhaps, I see the black and white as an attempt to ask questions for which I have no answers. Like many teenagers, I have a dream but I am unsure of the ways to attain it.