One Classic Dream

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Whenever I stepped out into the open reflection of God's brilliant painting, I would stand in awe and hold my breath for it was a truly bewildering sight. While gracefully leaning over the egg-shaped poolside, I would gently stroke the passive waters, feeling their cool warmth envelope my hand. Yet, the dark, murky and ironically lucid water complimented the crystal cast of an open night. Floating ax1 the soothing waters and gazing into the night, each star was like a diamond suspended in mid-air. Whenever I glanced at the night sky suspended by the waters, I would look at my own reflection and try to find just a trace of a diamond in my heart - a diamond that signified just one thing, love… Much as I do remember about my quiet and peaceful moments watching the stars glisten and flicker across the velvet curtains of the night, I have never been able to recall what happened after the night's gazing.

All I know is that every morning I would wake up underneath my goose down comforter, listening to a soft whisper of love melodies that I adore so much. The moments that I spent gazing into the night seemed as if it happened in a blink of an eye - like a dream almost. So, I have always made out those tranquil moments as dreams of hope to finding true and everlasting love. For I was desperate to find love, and to feel loved.

This desperation in me resulted in an unquenchable infatuation for someone that I knew was out of reach, and yet I believed that one - day I could change that fate and rewrite what Destiny had inscribed. So one night, as the wind blew crisp, and golden leaves blew wildly against my window...