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The material I'm discussing in my contemporary issue is a poem called Lost. It is one of many poems from the book My Country. it is about a person being alienated from the surrounding people and he's got a disease called AIDS .

Lost is a poem about a person being alienated because he or her has got a disease . It shows the way people treat you differently when you're different to them .The poem describes how this person made a mistake of trusting people and getting a blood transfusion made the person get an incurable disease.

The aspect of the issue in the material is alienation, personal choice and the society .

Alienation because it describes how the person in the poem had been alienated from their society, for example, the person mentioned in the poem that "they keep their distance in case i breath and by saying four little letters stand for so much".

A for alone I for ignorance D for death S for suspicion Personel Choice because he or she made a choice to trust people in the blood transfusion and because of that mistake the person got the deadly disease called AIDS . He or she made the choice to have the blood transfusion take place, it might be for a life or death situation and so the person had to make that decision. Like it mentions in the issue " I made a mistake, two in fact, a blood transfusion and I trusted people I'm different now, I don't make mistakes anymore. after all, life's too short. Isn't it? ".

The society had a major influence on the way that people live and act, and the society in this poem had a major effect on this person. The person believes that he or she is outcast of their modern society. Like it says is in the text " Now I am in debt to our society for being allowed to stay on and pretendI still belong ".

This issue relates to the aspect in the novel ' For the Patriarch' and the story ' For The Patriarch' . Dimitris who was a Greek preist came from a foreign country and he was alienated by the new culture that surrounded him. The similarities of the novel to the poem is that in both cases it deals with the aspect of Personal Choice and Alienation as well as the aspect of Society.