Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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:Coming of Age in Mississippi; is a book written by Anne Moody. In the book, Moody told her personal story which gave readers an overview of what it was to have grown up as a black in the South of America, especially as a black woman, during the forties and fifties. :Coming of Age; is a term which demonstrates that Moody had grown up as a black woman through her Childhood, High School and College. As she became more mature, she had a more complete understanding of racism. She bravely overcame obstacles such as discrimination in her community and hunger as she struggles to survive through her childhood.

In the Story, Moody mentioned three kinds of races: black, yellow and white. Black was the lowest class in the society. Blacks were poor and despised. Like Moody・s family, Moody・s Mom and Moody had to work really hard in order to support the family.

Moody would be really happy if they got other food rather than beans. Getting new clothes would be a special event for all the kids before entering another semester. When she was the homecoming queen, she didn・t even had the money to buy a gown. Then, his Dad brought her a beautiful gown that made her the prettiest homecoming queen ever.

Yellow had the lighter skin color than black, but they were still not being considered as white. Yellow thought themselves as a higher class than black. They were considered as middle class people. In the story, Raymond was yellow. Raymond・s family was also yellow. None of the Raymond・s people had been friendly to Moody・s Mom. They didn・t really accept Moody, Adline or Junior either. When Miss Pearl came to visit the newborn baby, she went to Moody Mom・s room, but acted that Moody・s Mom...