"Coming Home." Description: The essay is about 12 22year olds whose lives change with the dissapearance of 8 people they know.

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"Coming Home"

One morning everything changed. I woke up and I noticed that my mom was not there. I searched for her. I did not know whether she had gone to work early or where she could possibly be. All I know is she was not in her room and her car was gone. I called her work: no answer. I called her cell phone: no answer. I thought maybe that aliens abducted her the night before, but that is not possible. I would have seen lights or heard something. All I knew was that I was in an empty house with no money and no mom. Hey at least I could have parties and do what ever I want without getting yelled at.

A little while later the police called. It was Sergeant Donald of the local police department. He informed me that the neighbors had called the police the night before complaining of noise coming from what sounded like our back yard.

He said, "I will be by in about twenty minutes to check the house out." I said fine and went into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. I then went back into the living room to watch TV, the next thing I knew it was four in the afternoon, and there was a cop car sitting outside. I went into the back yard, but there was no Sergeant Donald. I walked around my neighborhood for a little while and did not see any police. I thought maybe Sergeant Donald went into somebody's house to use the bathroom or something and thought nothing about the fact that I did not see Sergeant Donald.

That night I had a huge party. All of my friends came as well as a bunch of kids I had never seen...