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Research Report Part I

Huson Chan

The area of focus that I have identified is the misinterpretations and perspectives of Tattoos in society today, and the social impact and acceptability in reagrds to this approach of art in Tattoos. This is based on the manipulative and critical interpersonal communication, in which was traditionally perceived as "socially unacceptable".

Researchers and Individual of society have researched this particular issue, in order to indicate the indubitable meanings of tattoos in society today. "Tattoos have become a spatial project in the largest sense: the way they participate in the creation of social space is different from that of tattoos before the Tattoo Renaissance. I explain this project as a shift from tattoos to body graffiti. In the past (predominantly male) tattoo-spheres could be located within the margins of society." (Thorsten B.B. 2013, p236). It is seen that researchers of this issue acknowledges the traditional perspectives of Tattoos, but also indicates the fact that Tattoos have a variety of different implications and symbolisms, majority of them portraying a deeper personal implications and symbolism.

Studies suggests that this form of body modification has; "Expanded expression, appropriation and visibility within the last several decades and has become a part of everyday life for large sections of the population." (Weng L, Ding T, 2013, p. 37). For many particular cultures and societies, this form of body modification is traditionally compulsory, predominantly portraying different meanings, and may be perceived as a ritual. Other individuals in society is seen to perceive tattoos as a justification for gang-related affiliations, symbolisms of imprisonment, "Gangsters, Hood Thugs", etc.

The main approach of this study is predominantly focused on the concepts of Tattoos and their importance regarding connotations of significance, culture, subject of motivation, in contrary to what society perceives. I...