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MBA -ICBT Campus-Sikkim Manipal University IndiaComment on HRM definitions.

HRM Assignment 02Dinavi Wanniarachchi4/5/2009MBA -ICBT Campus-Sikkim Manipal University India | Human Resource Management2a. “HRM is a function performed in organisations that facilitates the most effective use ofpeople (employees) to achieve organisation’s and individual goals”Ivancevich and Glucckb. “Human capital management is philosophy considers work force planning, candidatesourcing, recruiting , employee retention and skill management from a single context”P. Callendes1. IntroductionThis report comments on the above mentioned definitions of human resource management. Eventhough above definitions are widely used we have to understand that there are many other thanabove definitions. Therefore pros and cons of the definitions have to understand clearly in order togain strategic understanding on HRM.

2. Strategic human resource management2.1 Model for strategic human resource managementIn order to analyse and comment on human resource management definitions the followingstrategic human resource management model will be used.

Figure 1 –Strategic HRM modelAccording to above model organisation should aware and response to the characteristics of thedynamic external environment.

HR specialist feeds into the strategic business plan of the company byproviding a HR strategy which is directly responsive to identified business requirements, which theninforms specific HR plans and policies which will guide HR practices and systems which are shown asclearly integrated with each other and with the HR strategies. The effectiveness or outcomes of theHR functions are reflected in desired strategic organisational outcomes and the achievement ofoverall business strategies. The process is long term and cyclical, with sufficient flexibility to permitMBA -ICBT Campus-Sikkim Manipal University India | Human Resource Management3directional changes in HR strategy according to changes in organisational strategies and the‘dynamic’ external environment. [1]2.2 Individual goalWhen judging about HRM definition validity aspect that has to be considered other than the abovementioned aspects in the HRM model is how HRM facilitate to achieve individual...