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Plan1.Pre-writinga.Gathering information about Katherine Mansfieldb.Revising the texti.Singling out heroesii.Building a timelineiii.Depicting localesiv.Finding phrase ‘a cup of tea’c.Revising the analysisi.Stylistic devicesii.SPUsiii.Text structured.Studying meaning (a theme analysis)i.How the message revealsii.What the characters learn during the storyiii.What the author feels about the characters and the conflict (Author’s Modality)e.Linking the message with the title2.Writing the compositiona.Introductionb.Characters and developmentsc.Messaged.Conclusion3.Verifyinga.Lengthb.SpellingCompositionThe story is written by Katherine Mansfield – a famous New Zealand writer. She is considered one of the great masters of the short-story form. Mansfield's stories are poetic, delicate, and ironic; they are characterized by a subtle sensitivity to mood and emotion, revealing the inner conflicts her characters face and resolve. Her style much influenced by that of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, in turn had great influence on later short-story writing.

From the first lines we get acquainted with the protagonist of the story – Rosemary Fell and her husband. The author describes her family and Rosemary’s lifestyle: ‘They were rich, really rich, not just comfortably well off’. The family is one which is called ‘from the top drawer’.

The next key character the reader encounters is a young beggar girl from the Curzon Street. In contrast with Rosemary the girl is without a penny to her name. She is the one to mention the key phrase for the first time. ‘Would you let me have the price of a cup of tea?’ Rosemary is extremely surprised by the absence of money. ‘How extraordinary!’ To Rosemary it looks such an adventure like something from an imaginary book. And she asks the girl "Come home to tea with me."So here we can trace that a cup of tea is the...