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A Review of the Communist Manifesto In review of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, with an introduction done by Eric Hobsbawm, I feel that the book was way ahead of its time. It was written at a time when a reform was needed, yet its theories and statements still hold true today. It explains the goals of Communism and the movements it needs to reach these goals. One idea that will be addressed in this paper is that capitalists might have wanted to compromise on production issues. There will also be a short mentionings on how Marx's theories can betray the unknowing. I will also comment on the introduction to the Communist Manifesto.

I would like to say that the Communist Manifesto may be a good book, and it does show important issues which still hold true today, but I had a real hard time following it.

It is amazing that someone about my age wrote this book about 150 and some years ago. I found it interesting, and I also like the ideas that Marx and Engels have.

The introduction briefly describes how Marx and Engels get involved in the revolution. In 1847 a group invited Marx and Engels to draft the new Manifesto, which expounds the Leagues aims and policies. Eric Hobsbawm states that the Communist Manifesto is the most influential piece of political writing since the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. The introduction speaks about how the Communist Manifesto was introduced to the world, and even goes into detail of the number of copies written in different languages. It also goes into discussing some of the terms and points of the book.

Marx and Engels never slowed down to consider that the working class could improve the...