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Communication comes in very many different

forms. Communication is the way that people relay messages

to each other. It is used many times to bridge the gap

between different cultures. There are many ways of

communicating whether it be hand gestures to convey our

thoughts, body gestures, or speaking to one another


One of these ways is sign language. There

are many reasons people use sign language. Whether you are

limited in your hearing and need a way to communicate, or

need to relay a message to someone in an emergency that

can not speak or maybe, even to warn someone of something.

Sign language can speak volumes in a variety of ways

throughout the world as a means of communication. At

first, sign language began as a means to teach the deaf to

communicate in 1775 Abbe Charles Michel de L' Epee founded

the first free school for the deaf in Paris France.


taught the deaf how to communicate through a variety of

gestures, hand signs and finger spelling. Eventually

speech reading was spread world wide. As a result, sign

language has not only been used for the deaf, but also,

for those who can not speak the same language, as well as

for individuals with speech problems.

The next type of

communication is body language. We use body language to

show that we are happy, sad, angry, surprised or scared.

For example, we use body gestures such as bowing, facial

expressions, hand signals, and the lift of the brow to

relay our thoughts or feelings. People use body language

for a variety of reasons. Mainly to express their

emotions. As with other types of communications, body

language can be misunderstood because it is non-verbal and

can cause many arguments. On the other hand, it can...