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There are basically three building blocks in language. They provide structure and

also make up language. To make language, a person must build words using phonemes

and morphemes. After that, he or she must then use these words in sentences using the

rules of grammar.

The first of the building blocks of language is a phoneme. These are the basic

units of speech and they help produce sound. All languages use phonemes and the

english language has about forty. These phonemes have unique features that include

voiced or unvoiced parts.

The second component is morpheme, which is the smallest meaningful part of

language. This is formed from a combination of phonemes. There are basically two types

of morphemes; content morphemes hold the basic meaning of a certain word, while

function morphemes add more meaning to a given word.

The last of the building blocks is grammar.

Grammar governs the way how

phonemes, morphemes, words and phrases should be used. It also gives instructions on

how words and phrases should be implicated so that they make sense. Without these

building blocks people of all languages would not be able to communicate with each

other. These rules of speech ate significant because without them speech communication

would not exist. We would have to come up with another way to express our feelings,

thoughts, and experiences.