The Communications Decency Act

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The U.S. Government should not attempt to place restrictions on the internet. The Internet

does not belong to the United States and it is not our responsibility to save the world, so why

are we attempting to regulate something that belongs to the world? The

Telecommunications Reform Act has done exactly that, put regulations on the Internet.

Edward Cavazos quotes William Gibson says, 'As described in Neuromancer, Cyberspace

was a consensual hallucination that felt and looked like a physical space but actually was a

computer-generated construct representing abstract data.' (1) When Gibson coined that

phrase he had no idea that it would become the household word that it is today. 'Cyberspace

now represents a vast array of computer systems accessible from remote physical locations.'

(Cavazos 2)

The Internet has grown explosively over the last few years. 'The Internet's growth since its

beginnings in 1981. At that time, the number of host systems was 213 machines.

At the

time of this writing, twelve years later, the number has jumped to 1,313,000 systems

connecting directly to the Internet.' (Cavazos 10)

'Privacy plays a unique role in American law.' (Cavazos 13) Privacy is not explicitly

provided for in the Constitution, yet most of the Internet users remain anonymous. Cavazos

says, 'Computers and digital communication technologies present a serious challenge to

legislators and judges who try to meet the demands of economic and social change while

protecting this most basic and fundamental personal freedom.' Networks and the Internet

make it easy for anyone with the proper equipment to look at information based around the

world instantly and remain anonymous. 'The right to conduct at least some forms of speech

activity anonymously has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.' (Cavazos 15) In

cyberspace it is extremely uncommon for someone to use their given name...