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Quality is often associated with expense. We expect to pay more for an Acura, for example, than a Honda. A five star hotel is considerably more expensive than a private guesthouse. Even comparing "like" with "like", consumers are often willing to pay more for better quality. What pleases a customer most, however, is superior quality for the same amount of money, or even better, for less money.

Although some products and services may have magical quality about them, quality is rarely the result of magic. Output is strictly the result of input. For example, an athlete whose success owes his skills not to luck or magic, but to training and improving his skill level on a daily basis. Like the athlete, quality must be worked upon and consciously achieved. Although companies only get out of their production systems what they put into them, efforts must be carefully directed if the results are to be satisfactory.

Quality improvement process within an organization relies on a continuous improvement approach, meaning it is never ending. In order to remain competitive, organizations must constantly seek ways of improving their product and the customer appeal for their products through quality. Improvement is not only the responsibility of the manufacturing and sales department, but must be the aim:

* In all operations

* At all levels

* In all plans (short, medium, and long-term).

BBQ Galore in my mind is like an athlete, who constantly trains every second of every minute by promoting quality as the number one priority. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with this great organization and have learned their process of quality and what it means to the organization. Although I personally believe BBQ Galore is at the top of their game when it comes to quality, I do however...