Comparative Education & Training Module

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Comparative Education and Training Module

In order to carry out this module the Cert Ed course visited the Czech Republic, a fascinating country, small by our standards with a population of approximately 10 million people. What became apparent from the outset was the proud nature of the citizens and the obvious national fervour, which is normally lacking in Britain. During the visit we were given a varied exposure to the Czech educational system, from primary schooling through to adult education, this included both university and college vocational training.

During this assignment I will give a brief overview of the recent history of the Czech Republic and hopefully link this to the changes to the educational system. I will then endeavour to compare their educational system, paying particular attention to the vocational training side, with our recent developments within the military's educational system, which of course is rooted in vocational training.

A brief history:

Czechoslovakia came into existence as an independent republic in 1918 after the break up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the First World War. Besides the Czech and Slovak peoples the country included substantial numbers of Germans. Despite welding together of such a mixed bag of people, Czechoslovakia made considerable political and economic progress until the troubled 1930s. It was the only East European State to retain a parliamentary democracy throughout the interwar period.

With the rise to power of the Nazis leader Hitler in Germany brought a revival of opposition among the German speaking populace. This in turn led to the Munich Agreement and the Sudetenland firstly be given to Germany and then six-month later the occupation of the whole of Czechoslovakia. After the war election were held with the Left gaining a slight majority until the Communists seized power in 1948 and...