Comparative Government: Brazil, Thailand, England - Future Outcome Predictions

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The Year is 2033. Never before has the world functioned as a seemingly collective whole more than it does today. Over the past twenty years, a great wave of democratic ideals formed and spread throughout the globe, instilling a sense of civil humanitarian rights for all nations. Trade between major countries has become relatively effortless, as commerce alliances have expanded to include many smaller nations and incorporate all regions of the world. Globalization now operates in full force, as the once present ideas surrounding a protectionist state are quite simply non existent today.� This has thus created a global sense of interconnectedness, where the actions of all countries ripple throughout the globe and effect everyone in either a positive or negative way. Illiberal regimes do certainly still exist, although there is now much more pressure from the world stage to assimilate to the ideals of a democratic society. When examining the specific countries of Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, it is necessary to measure and compare the levels of stability within each.

Currently the countries with the most political stability are the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Thailand in that respective order.

Once a great imperial powerhouse of the world, the United Kingdom's democracy has existed far longer than any other democratic society on earth.� Having over several hundred years to master its democratic system, political change in Britain has always been characterized by its gradual nature, which in turn established long lasting traditions.� Over the past twenty years the UK government has continued its historical trend of the devolvement of power to lower houses, by creating separate parliamentary systems. These series of reforms were apart of a nationwide effort to create further representation for all citizens by providing them with more accessible means to the central government. These popular...