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Gandhi and the Non-Violence League

"Let him hit you but don't hit him back". This quote is from a non-violence member telling the non-violence league not to have violent behaviors. It was Gandhi's method of working out his league. He meant to do it, and have no self-defense against the British to make them be frustrated, and solve the conflicts between the Indians and British in a peaceful way. Since, he made his non-violence league, Gandhi has been and he is a role model and/or heroic person to the Indian's.

Gandhi was an Indian leader during the British rule that started the non-violence movement. The reason he started the league, was to make India an independent country were Indians could be governing their own country without the British. Once, he had told the Indians to stop to work, because he thought that working for the British was not benefiting India and if they try to beat them up, he said, "You must not have violent behaviors".

He meant to do it, because it will make the British be frustrated and annoyed, because if they beat up the Indians with no reason, it would be bizarre to the British. It is bizarre because, it's like beating up a person that's walking in the streets with no reason. Besides, the one that is beating up the person would feel guilty for having cruelty to the ones that doesn't even defend him self. Gandhi planed it all, because these methods will solve the problems in a peaceful way and it'll upset the British in a way that they will feel guiltier.

The Korean citizens are trying to get rid of the American army bases. If the Koreans use the methods of Gandhi in getting rid of the American bases, I think it would...