Compare and contrast how three poets create a distinct sense of place through language and how these places provoke strong emotions in the writer.

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As the name of this Section suggests, the theme of these three poems is places. "In Your Mind" written by Carol Ann Duffy, "An Unknown Girl" by Moniza Alvi, and "Geography Lesson" by Zulfiker Ghose each have different ways of presenting a distinct sense of place. In this essay I will be exploring the meaning of each poem and the different uses of language that allow each poet to convey a distinct sense of place.

Firstly I will start with "In Your Mind" which is a poem talking about a person voyaging into the past through its memories. At the beginning of the poem, the character is in England as she says: "one autumn in England". It seems as if the character is tired and sad about his situation: "rain", "all afternoon". Then the character leaves this miserable situation and travel through his mind. The cause of the reminiscence is the rain in England.

This seems to be like a dream as the words have much more positive connotation than at the beginning. The fact that the poet uses free verse is a parallel with what is said in the text as free verse creates a sense of freedom and in the text she is talking about dreams and escaping reality. The author takes the reader in this dream by using the present tense to really show it is happening now and to create a sense of action but also by using the word "you" which includes the reader, and more than that is putting him in the text. The reader can therefore identify to the character. The author uses punctuations to look as if his memories are gradually coming back. He is also saying that memories are short live and fade away as it is illustrate in...