Compare the Fact of Knowledge in the "Faustus" and "Paradise Lost"

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In this project, I'd like to mention on the fact of knowledge in the "Paradise Lost" and "Faustus". The first text, which I'll handle, is the "Paradise Lost" The story is written by John Milton and it is about the events, which take place between Adam, Eve and the Seytan. And the Second one is the "Faustus" which is about a man who wants to learn all the knowledge and the data about everything. And it is written by Christopher Marlowe the fact of knowledge is taking place in most parts of these two texts. Especially in the "Faustus" the main theme seems to be settled under the fact of knowledge.

As I've said in the beginning, "Faustus" is written by Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe's story is an interesting one and it is also so amazing. The entire story is based on one person and one fact. The man is called Doctor Faustus who is also the main character of

The text.

And the fact is the knowledge that he deals with. Doctor Faustus is a little bit interesting man who became a doctor in a very short period of time. The only thing that this man things is the knowledge. All he wants to do is learn everything. So he worked so hard and he became a doctor very quickly. After a period of time, he starts to deal with the magical books to solve his problem. He wants to find a way to learn everything by making some magic. The Seytan, who is called Mephistopheles hears this and goes to Doctor Faustus to suggest something for solving his problem. He says that he can tell and teach him everything that he wonders about if he sells him his own soul. Doctor Faustus accepts this sells his soul...