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Comparison Paragraph Both bungee jumping and ski diving are similar adrenaline rushing hobbies that can be near death experiences. Both bungee jumping and ski diving include fear, free fall, and the rush of adrenaline. In both sports, one has a natural fear of heights due to jumping off either a 13-story ledge for bungee jumping or an airplane for ski diving. The fear of death is also another fear that is inherent in both sports, because no matter how careful someone is, something could always go wrong and end up being that person's last jump. Free fall, the experience of a person's stomach turning as he or she plummets closer to the, ground is the prime objectives involved in bungee jumping and ski diving. This stomach turning experience stimulates scenes of weightlessness and freedom in people, thus the name freefalling. Adrenaline is a chemical inside humans that enables people to perform extraordinary feats, such as jumping into large voids.

Since bungee jumping and ski diving release adrenaline into the blood system, the people who engage in these hobbies are often nicknamed "adrenaline junkies," in that they crave the superhuman feeling adrenaline causes. All in all, bungee jumping and ski diving are not for the faint hearted and can be harmful to anyone's health.