Comparison And Contrast Essay: Benefits of Animation vs. Live Acting

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Benefits of Animated Movies vs. Live Action Film

In terms of movies, I believe that animation is better than regular filmmaking, simply because an animated movie requires a lot more talent and skill than a standard film does. There are different styles used in regular movie production, and there are combinations of styles used in filmmaking. Most regular films use computers to digitally enhance parts, but mostly on a smaller scale, unlike the few major films that use computer graphics excessively.

I enjoy watching animation, because it gives me a feel of what technologies exist today (even hand-drawn cel animation uses computers to digitally enhance coloration and lighting). I enjoy watching traditional live-action movies, because they relate the skill of filmmakers and directors, who can't really use digital technology except to enhance lighting and such. And I enjoy watching combinations, especially regular movies with fantastic special effects, because of my personal interest in computer graphics.

However, I enjoy attempting to do animation, and computer drawing myself, so in my opinion, hand drawn and computer generated animations are a display of more skill and effort than ordinary, live action film. The field of animation goes back to nearly the beginning of the film industry, with hand drawn cartoons being filmed and played on TV

and theaters. Different as they are, both types of theater share common features.

In the early days of motion pictures, film quality was low, color and sound were virtually non-existent, and special effects were achieved using physical props, instead of digital enhancement. Thankfully, Filmography has moved a long way. A movie today is considered by more factors than story alone: to make a good picture, lighting has to be smooth, color and sound must be top quality, as well as having good actors and a good plot.