Comparison between of "At the Seaside" and "Design" both by Robert Frost

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The poems “Design” and “At the Seaside” by Robert Frost and Robert Louis Stevenson respectively show how nature is the ruling force of the universe. Although they share the same theme, they are also similar in their diction too. However, they differ in their perspective, form, and style. These two poems have many different meanings to them, but when comparing and contrasting the relationship between them, they reveal a deeper meaning about the design of the universe.

The relationship between lightness and darkness is an interesting theme presented in Design. In his first stanza, Frost explains how the spider eats the moth and it is almost like a dark thing to do. Frost describes this dark feeling in the last line of the first stanza, “And dead wings carried like a paper kite”. However despite this dark theme, Frost is able to bring light out of it. This lightness is shown through the innocence of the characters.

Frost illustrates how the spider, moth, and heal-all are really in a design. Frost shows that this is the design of nature and how the spider had to eat the moth for its own survival. However, the spider needed to meet the moth at a certain location and in this design the location happened to be on the heal-all. Frost demonstrates how in this design that in reality darkness is really lightness.

Similarly in At the Seaside relates to Design because they both share the insight of the design of nature. Although it is a much more abstract subject, it shows how nature is a phenomenon which governs itself. Each hole the character in the poem digs is an attempt at trying to understand nature. However, as each hole gets filled it shows that the individual better understands nature. Stevenson shows the understanding...