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Amerícans, happy in their new home.

"Child of the Americas", a poem by Aurora Levins Morales describes the perspective of a Puerto Rican woman that has a very diverse ancestral background who has immigrated to the United States. "Amerícan", on the other hand, is a more so broader depiction of a very similiar concept to that of "Child of the Americas". The poems seem to have many distinct similarities, including their common overall theme of the narrators love for who they are and where they live.

One of the first similarities that is quite obvious is the common narrator in both poems. It seems as though the narrators in both poems are mirror images of each other. "I am a Puerto Rican Jew"(Line 5, p. 954, The Bedford Introduction to Literature, 7th ed.) stated the narrator of "Child of the Americas." "Hidden inside the Puerto Rican mountains"(line 3, p.

956) and "singing to composer pedro flores"(Line 13, p. 956) who is a Puerto Rican composer listened to by Puerto Rican mountain farmers, are quotations that hint towards the narrators Puerto Rican background in the poem "Amerícan." So the narrators share a common background that is not only restricted to Puerto Rican ancestry. The narrator in "Child of the Americas" said that she was "a child born of many diaspora, born into this continent at a crossroads." The narrator in the second poem says that his/her self proclamation AmeRícan includes "european, indian, black, spanish" and various other backgrounds, and also says that this is his/her's "second land." The narrators from both poems share a Puerto Rican and multi cultural background as well as the status of being an immigrant in the United States.

Not only are the narrators similar but, also the settings that are referenced to in both...