Comparison of: 'Death the Leveller' And 'Tombs in Westminster Abbey'

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Paragraph 1: Main points and similarities and differences.

For two poems of the same nature, (death and royalty), they have many differences, yet very few similarities. For example, 'Death the Leveller' and 'The Tombs in Westminster Abbey' have the same theme, language and tone. Nevertheless, the structure is very different and unique. To describe poems such as these, my personal opinion is morbid and sombre, yet this is only one of my similarities. Both poems have the same impact on me as the student. As I said before, the structure of each poem is unique in its own way, making the poems seem quite similar, but actually, they are very diverse.

Paragraph 2: First poem.

The first poem I will write about is 'Death the Leveller'. Taking the title as my first point, it seems to me like the title is a secret message. This message says; death will level us out and no matter how royal you are.

Like, no matter who or what we are, in death we are all equal. This message fits in well with the whole structure of the poem. The poem uses an AB, AB, CC, AD structure and a regular rhyme sequence can be seen throughout the whole three stanzas. The structure of the each stanza is similar in shape and length, with five to six lines of each, giving emphasises to the main parts. Other details of language used by the poet would be emphasises on personification and alliteration. Such examples of personification are images like death, fate and doom. These three things are effects that we all must face one day, and as the title shows 'Death the Leveller', we will all be levelled out in death. Examples of alliteration are words and phrases like victor-victim and...