Comparison Of Frankenstien To A Seperate Peace

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Robert Burns once said "mans in humanity to man makes countless thousands mourn." this means when one man is cruel to another it Is not only hurtful to one person but all of mankind is affected. I agree with this quote. In Frankenstein , by Mary Shelley, this quote relates to the fact that Frankenstien created a monster, was cruel to it, and it ended up hurting many innocent people. In a separate peace by John Knolwes, Gene was cruel to phineas and indirectly caused his death, this instance supports the qoutation.

in Frankenstien, by Mary Shelley, dr frankenstien created monster in hopes to change the world for the better. When the monster was created, it was so hideous that frankenstien just ran, from it, leaving the innocent "infant" alone to fend for himself in the the world. Frankenstien went against everything he was taught , when he abondoned his creation, Mary Shelly uses irony to show that when on human is cruel to another all people suffer.

The monster deosnt know anything else than what he has experienced and he was shown that humans are cruel beings. When doctor frankenstien was cruel to his creation, he in turn hurt many people