Comparison of Traditional and Online Shopping.

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The Internet has changed consumer shopping style; however, the foundations that cause the common shopping habits have not changed. Online and traditional shopping both have to deal with issues that relate to security, advertisement, and providing a better service through convenience. The security issue comes up for both business sites. Online, people are concerned about revealing their credit card information over the web due to information theft and hacking. When it comes to advertisement; businesses use the Web and Television, so as to reach a large pool of shoppers and target the kind of shoppers they want. Besides advertisement, convenience has always been an added incentive that makes the shopper's experience pleasant. The web offers a greater selection at person's fingertips and no waiting in lines, however; the stores in the mall offers shoppers a chance to view and try the product. Shopping affects consumer choice between competing alternatives, that is, online and traditional shopping.

The two mediums of shopping can be compared in terms of shopping experiences, dynamic interaction with customers, and customer behavior.

To begin with, online consumers are more interested in quicker, faster shopping experiences. They're much more focused on the pure shopping aspect and clearly have an idea of which site they want to go to and what products they want to buy. In the traditional world, people are more interested in the leisure and experiential side of shopping, and the full sensory experience that takes place in a mall environment and at the point of sale. Traditional shopping has added more entertainment programming to malls. People are coming to the mall looking for much more than just shopping. They're looking for diversion and the opportunity to be entertained, to enjoy themselves as part of a community. People are traveling less, they want to get out...