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In 1850, the issue over slavery was causing bitter controversy between the north and the south. The United States government realized this evident problem and began thinking of ways to settle it. Congress thought they would pass the so-called "Great Compromise". They hoped the "Great Compromise " would put to rest all the issues of slavery and the questions over newly annexed territory. This territory was from the Mexican-American War. Henry Clay, "The Great Compromiser", from Kentucky came forth to write the Compromise of 1850. The Compromise of 1850 was to answer five questions. Two of the provisions from the compromise where to go in favor of the north and two where to go in favor of the south, this was done no to anger any side. The last provision was to be neutral, and would be decide later. Three of these questions came from the newly annexed territory from the Mexican-American War.

The three questions coming from the new territory where determining whether or not slavery should be allowed in the Utah and New Mexico territory. Where should the boundaries of Texas lie? California will be accepted in to the Union as a free state. The other two provisions conceding slavery where harsher fugitive salves laws should be enforced and the slave trade was banned in the nations capital . These five Questions of the Compromise of 1850 where suppose to mend the issues between the north and the south, but intern it drove the two closer to civil war.

The question of slavery in newly annexed territory from Mexico rose bitter controversy between the north and the south. The Compromise of 1850 left the newly annexed Utah and New Mexico territory open to the issues of slavery under popular sovereignty. This was the provision...