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Compulsory Voting is a "solution" (a bad one) so before our points are raised about how bad this "solution" is. Why is there a solution, in a healthy democracy people should want to vote. If they are not voting it indicates there is a fundamental problem with that democracy; forcing people to vote cannot solve such a problem. It merely causes resentment.

And well resentment will cause many other bad things. Such as people who are forced to vote will not make a proper considered decision. At best they will vote randomly which disrupts the proper course of voting.

Many of the problems associated with compulsory voting are major problem area's for specifically South Africa.

In South Africa , Communities, Tribes and Religious gatherings affect our lives in our big way. Others influence our decisions whether it be a priest or a elder. When people are forced to vote and they are not aware of the various parties or even the voting process , someone such as priest can influence your decision.

In these situations the people will not have their say but rather their neighbors say. If people were made more aware of their responsibilities and the national parties maybe more would attend the elections.

On the point of attendance ; the practicality of Compulsory Voting isn't feasible . If large proportion of the population decided not to vote it would be impossible to make every non-voter pay a fine. If just

10 % of S.A. voters failed to do so the police would have to chase up 4.5 million fines.

South Africans a large proportion of our population is uneducated. This means that if compulsory voting was accepted we would have voters now being forced to either be brain washed by the advertisement by parties or...