Computer Hacking

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Hacking is using your knowledge to gain more knowledge. This is one of the best definitions I could find on the net. Hacking is state of mind. Curiosity is the main point; a hacker always wants to know everything. It is the curiosities that which makes them learn more and more quickly than other person at same age. Traditionally hackers were regarded as ?geeks?, who knew everything about computers (hardware & software) & networks. They are very intelligent programmers.

The term hacker was popularized by Steven Levy in his famous book ?Hackers: Heroes of Computer Revolution?. When he said hacker, he meant a brilliant, constructive programmer who led the way to the computer revolution. About's Net Security Portal announces the same verdict while explaining what a hacker is, "A person who is extremely proficient at programming and programming languages. A computer enthusiast. Someone who is obsessive about programming, programming languages or computer systems & networks."

Computer hacking can be traced back to the late 1950? and early 1960?s. At that time companies and universities were using mainframe computers with dumb terminals. There was no such thing as the Internet. At this time a hack was ?shortcuts that would modify and improve the performance of a computer?s operating system or applications and allow more tasks to be completed in a shorter time.? as stated by Michael Devitt in A Brief History of Computer Hacking. The hackers in this period were mainly skilled workers who were proud of their work and found joy in doing so. The ?original hacker? at the beginning of computers was a person not looking to harm anyone or anything, but simply looking to apply his special skills to the improvement of the computer field. As they progressed into the 1970?s and 1980?s, the role and...