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One of the greatest problems that are affiliated with a financial planning firm is the use and implementation of technology. When considering on what computers and hardware would be best for company there are many concerns that it may be faced with. With being asked to help clarify the different computers and hardware would be best for the company I first asked myself a set of questions. Questions containing of how would I avoid making a costly mistake, how can I use the technology to create any efficiencies in the office, how can I increase services to the clients, and how would I increase the profitability in the firm.

In reflecting on these questions I took things step by step to come up with the best answers. The first step would be done is to consider the best software or upgrades that I would visualize as the best for the company.

By visualizing what you would like out of the computers and hardware and determining what types of services your clients desire you can make the best choices. The second step that would be taken is to identify what the company already has. To do this I would take a print out of the detailed report of computers hardware. For the software I would I would identify the primary functions and its current capabilities. After following these steps I would further assist with the advice in helping with the purchases.

For your business I would recommend that your company should go with using desktops for in the office use and laptops for any agents that does and outside field work. For the additional hardware components there are many to choose from.

For deciding on which computers to go with would a desktop computer, which is designed as a stationary device...