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Understanding the computer system will help with understanding the needs of the organization. Providing the appropriate input and output devices and selecting the correct form of storage is extremely important for organizations today. The purpose of this paper is to provide the correct method for each situation regarding data input and output; provide situations for different storage devices; and explain the role of various items in determining the speed of the computer.

Data Input Scenarios

Printed Questionnaires

Today many documents are no longer keyed on a typewriter. A computer is useless without some form of a keyboard; therefore, it is the most logical choice for an input device.

Telephone Survey

The best method for an input device for this type of situation would be a voice activated input device. This device can be programmed to interact with the computers databases to automatically recognize survey responses when spoken into the telephone.

This would alleviate the need for personnel to manually input the data, and reduce the number of costs that a company may spend to run a survey.

Bank Checks

Due to the nature of the volume of checks that a bank may process on a daily basis, a system that can read checks fast is desirable. Therefore, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) would be the best data input because it is able to read the numbers at the bottom of the checks quickly without human error.

Retail Tags

The bar code scanner is the best practice since they eliminate human-entered keypad errors. Bar-coding allows for easy data-read for inventory and pricing purposes.

Long Documents

Rather than manually re-entering data, optical scanning devices, such as scanners are used. Scanners equipped with an optical character recognition (OCR) device can "sense the input--whether it's bars, images, characters, or marks--and transfer the input to...