Computer Networks: Are They Worth It?

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Background Sharing information has been, in part, a way of life. In the United States, computers first entered for commercial use in the early 1960s.[3] It has been unnoticed for a long time, and then when it was noticed people realized they could utilize this knowledge. Technology is never interrupted in its path of achievement of rushing to do this and to do that. The continual rush makes it hard to look back, and make a broader view of the entire situation.[1] It has always been evolving and will continue forever. Today, the computer has grown on people and we cannot live without it; today, people can share information and data in ways unimaginable in the past; today, sharing information is the sole basis of the world?s largest network ? the internet. The idea of networking took place a while back when someone decided that they wanted to take data from one place to another and from that day until now computer scientists try to improve on what they already have.[11]

Importance of this Research This is a proposal to study the effects of computer networks and how they are set up and maintained in terms of how they affect today?s environments such as, work, school, and home. It will study a proportion of the population that would significantly prove or disprove certain aspects of this research. These aspects could include problems such as, duplicate and running out of IP addresses, inhibited network growth, and troubleshooting difficulty.[10] If these aspects significantly prove that the setting up and maintaining them affect today?s environments, we could look into researching these findings on a much larger scale, and maybe develop a method or two into inventing new networking principles. If nothing is found, then we can be sure that we have a...