What computer programming is as a career.

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Computer programmer is a broad area but all jobs that have to do with programming have to do with computers and are difficult jobs. They have to write, test, and maintain very detailed instructions that a computer must follow to perform their instructions. Those are called programs. They also conceive, design, and test logical structures for solving problems by computer. The computer program tells the computer what to do. So it is very important that you know exactly what you are doing because if one character in the whole source code is wrong the whole program will not work.

Programmers make money by writing programs for certain companies that need certain kind of programs for the work they do. So a business would hire a programmer to make them a program to determine how much to pay their employees. 7.7 percent of programmers are high school graduate or less. 15.2

percent have some college but no degree. 11.6 percent have Associate degree. 16.7 have graduate degree. 48.6 percent have Bachelor's degree. The skills you need vary from job to job. Computer programming is like learning a totally different language. There are many types of languages from c++ that is very hard to use to visual basic that is much easier and for beginners.

Employment of programmers is expected to grow much more slowly than that of other computer specialists. With the rapid gains in technology software now has the capability to write basic code, getting rid of the need for more programmers to do this routine work. As the level of technological innovation and sophistication increases, programmers are likely to face increasing competition from programming businesses overseas, to which much routine work can be contracted out at a lower cost.

Median annual earnings of computer programmers were $60,290 in 2002.