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Understanding the computer system will help with understanding the needs of the organization. Providing the appropriate input and output devices and selecting the proper form of storage is extremely important for companies today. This paper will offer the correct method for each situation regarding data input/output, provide situations for different storage devices, and explain the role of certain components in determining the speed of the computer.

The accuracy of data input is crucial. There are multiple ways to gather information. Each situation is dealt with using a specific form or method of data input. The best method of data input for a printed questionnaire would be a mouse and keyboard. You can enter many types of data from the keyboard. The mouse can be used to drag, drop, and click on symbols or other data that can create the information you need.

The correct choice for an input device for a telephone survey would be a voice activated input device. This device is programmed to work with the computer's database to recognize survey responses when spoken into a telephone. Utilizing this system would alleviate the need for personnel to manually input the data and reduce the costs incurred conducting surveys. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is the most common and desirable method used by banks to read checks quickly and accurately. The MICR line on a check allows the check information to be automatically read by inexpensive machines. ( This is the only way that huge numbers of checks can be processed each day. POS (Point of Sale) devices and barcode scanners are best when wanting to use retail tags to identify company stock or customer purchases. The POS device may be a barcode scanner that contains information...