As computers are used more frequently in education, there will be less and less a need for teachers. To what extent do you agree with the statement?

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Computers are a relatively new invention, but its use is now growing in education. They are employed to produce educational materials. There are programmes to teach a wide variety of subjects from maths to languages. All this prompts some people to think that the role of a teacher will be reduced. However, this is not quite true.

There is no doubt that computers are facilitating the process of teaching and learning. There are software programmes available now to help students with homework, or to assist education in remote areas where access to the services of a teacher is almost impossible.

While these benefits are undeniable, it should be kept in mind that the role of a teacher is still very instrumental in guaranteeing the success of education in terms of its aims and objectives, which are not just to provide learners with knowledge bit also to help develop their personality and character.

Computers, however useful, cannot deal with growth or emotional problems facing the students. For example, students may find themselves in need of counselling or someone who can share ideas or emotions with them, and the question is: can computers offer students all this?Furthermore, the use of computers just means a new and changed role for the teacher. She or he should be there to help students with the aid of a computer. Much reliance on this technology may cost students their social life and turn them into human slaves. After the euphoria of introducing computers into education, there is a growing realization that working with a computer is very boring. There is the need to communicate with people, and studies have consistently shown that students’ performance can be better assured or enhanced by a situation involving a teacher and students.

As computers are increasingly becoming useful and...