Comsumption and shopping experiences

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Consumption and Shopping Experiences

Shopping, although often portrayed as trivial, is in fact a highly significant subject on a daily basis. The processes of globalisation that cultures undergo create a heavy load to the shopper's basket, yet, to the contributors' credit, responsibilities do not seem to be heavy at all. A historical view of market place was a venue for free, common contact with others where the power of state is held in reserve at bay in a world of official order (Sorkin 1992). However, in modern times, a market place is seen as a public space serving democratic societies by reconciling relation conflicts between society and the state. This market place development has a point of commonality with the globalisation of retail culture and the standardization of urban architecture (Voyce 2006). This situates public space under control of private corporations. A modern market place disintegrates the locally grounded structures on assemblies of people and shared communal living.

On the social front, the substantial distance between interactive mall users plays a noteworthy role in shaping the tone and class of their encounter and assists and maintains the establishment of a level of comfortable, safe and appropriate environment to ensure an effective interaction between mall users (Gurevitch 1990). On this basis, a research was conducted to analyse the relationship between the constantly changing characteristics of public space and face-to face interaction that occur in a shopping mall. The research was conducted in two countries - Turkey and USA - to examine the cultural differences associated. Erkip (2003) concentrates on the nature of shopping mall visits and proposes that the malls - as an innovative public space - is an ultimate environment that provides numerous opportunities for the consumption and leisure needs of both Turkey and USA's urbanities. Shopping malls initiates new...