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Compare and Contrast of Charles Perrault's version of Cinderella to the version by the Grim Brothers.

Good children's literature should include a happy ending, non-violence, and offer an educational basis. These two versions, Perrault's the French version of Cinderella and the Grimm brother's version, which is called Ashputle, both offer a great deal of examples and controversies of what should be right for young children to read and experience. They both have their pros and cons but which one is the best over all. Perrault's Cinderella contains a happy ending, non-violence, and good educated words. The Grimm brother's version contains moderate violence that could be considered by some not appropriate for children. It does although contain a happy ending with punishment which could be looked at by some as a moral to treat people with the utmost sincerity and concern.

Both of these versions of Cinderella contain a happy ending, but which is the best one for children to prosper from.

Perrault's version shows the wicked sisters pleading for forgiveness and Cinderella accepting their past, derogatory judgments. She then even sets them up with rooms in the palace and great noble men to marry after she marries the prince. The Grimm brother's version also has a happy ending but not to the same extent. In Ashputtle the wicked stepsisters come to the wedding and try to ask for forgiveness and befriend the new princess, but on their way a crow swoops down and pecks out their eyes completely blinding them for the rest of their lives. Although both of the versions have a moral to treat everyone nicely even after you know that you have caused grief in the past. Ashputtle is just a little too gruesome and somewhat unforgiving. Cinderella shows that once you have made a mistake it...