Conflicts Of Joy Luck Club

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"Conflicts In the Joy Luck Club" The pair of characters that I have chosen to compare their conflicts is An-Mei Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan. In my opinion An-Mei really hadn't lived a good childhood so she really didn't know what to do with her own daughter because she really grew up with no mother.

An"“Mei Hsu was a women who grew up with her grandmother, Popo, because her father was dead and her mother had left. Popo wasn't really all there to say. She had told An-Mei and her siblings that they really had no real mother and that they came from goose eggs; this was supposed to protect them from evil. When An-Mei finally does meet her mother she notices that she has a long neck like a goose, this scares her because of the story her grandmother told her, but she comes to realize that this strange women really loves and cares for her.

An-Mei comes to learn that her own mother had disengaged her own body parts for the well being of her own mother. This was mostly the only thing that she learned from her mother, that sacrifices must be made by everyone.

Rose has not a lead a different life from her own mother. Her mother was physically there but if she had to really had a serious talk An-Mei wasn't the one to go to. Rose had become somewhat Americanized by going to American schools and by so marrying an American man. This in my opinion was her downfall, because her husband's mother was racist towards "minorities." Rose had many other downfalls in her life just like her mother. In her younger years while Rose was watching her younger sibling Bing she had turned her away for just a little while and...