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Congress is a term widely used in American society today. However, the meaning is often construed. The correct explanation of what Congress consists of is a bi-cameral legislative body of the American national government. Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are currently 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 members of the Senate (Current, 1). The Republicans hold the majority in both houses. They overrun the Senate with 55 right-wingers and the House with a count of 228. This gives the Republicans a lot of power and influence, not only in the direct debates and voting, but they also get to hold the majority on all committees during the current session. At the same time, having a Congress with a majority of member of the opposing party, creates a difficult situation for President Clinton.

A Congress member is elected by the people of the state that he or she represents.

Their job is to discuss, debate, pass, and enact bills to make them into laws. By doing this, they provide the law-making branch of the checks and balances system created by the Constitution that has lasted throughout the history of the United States. During a typical session, a member of Congress will spend about nine or ten months of the year on Capitol Hill. He/She will be required to serve on some type of committee, and will be required to do research and make calls and contacts according to the specific purpose of the committee. In addition, Congress members will generally be treated with respect and honor. Currently, the yearly salary for all Congress members is $136,673.00 (Current, 1). This is not a lot of money, however, when you consider the power encompassed by this branch of our government.

A typical...