Consequences of being complacent

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Looking at the contented face of the opponent leaving the badminton court, John felt a wave of disappointment and his shoulders drooped in resignation. With that, he remembered his confidence and his cruel taunting of his opponent before the game…John was a superb player in our badminton school team. He was tall and statuesque and his agility was well-known. He was a strong player, both mentally and physically. Moreover, making swift, precise decisions had always been his forte.

When John saw his opponent at the Jurong West Sport Hall, he smiled enigmatically to himself as the opponent was not as good as him. “I can even beat him with my eyes closed! He’s so lousy! Ha!” He thought when he shook hands with the opponent before playing the match.

With confidence engulfing him, he complacently gave his opponent ‘half court’ serves. Without hesitation, the St. Hilda’s player returned with jump smashes.

“18-1” announced the umpire.

“19-1”“Ah! Never mind, I can get 21 points easily.” John smirked.

To his horror, he made lots of mistake and his opponent took the “initiative” to finish him off with a steep drop-shot. When the ball touched the floor, John’s shoulders drooped in despair. He could not believe his eyes! He had just lost to a so-called “amateur”!He staggered unsteadily out of the court, sobbing with intense sorrow. He was too dazed to think clearly and did not even care to shake his opponent’s hand.

My team-mates and I were shocked at John’s loss and at the same time, disappointed in him. Our coach reprimanded John for his complacency and carelessness. Then, he sent John home to let him reflect on his ‘on-court’ behaviour.

After this painful experience, John strived for the better and even when he was playing with the ‘much poorer’ ones,