Constitutional Rights Paper

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Constitutional Rights Paper

Jaime Enriquez

BUS 415 - Business Law

University of Phoenix


From the begining, the United States has been known as the land of opportunity, one in which the people can say what they want, do what they feel. The founding fathers understood this was the key basis for people coming to America. Each individual has constitutional rights within some defined paremeters. There is a very fine line when it comes to rights and what people can cross, when it comes to business legality it is important that managers and supervisors alike understand how to operate a business within the legal guidelines. Therfore, we will walk through the constitutional rights as it relates to the business of M and T Bank and their employees.

In this analysis, M and T Bank, we will examine the policies that have been arranged in an effort to protect the organization without violating employee's rights regarding telephone and company e-mail usage.

In past years, telephone was the primary form of communication and for businesses it was a necessity for both business and personal reasons. Most companies have strict guidelines regarding employee privacy. Although cell phones enable workers to make personal calls, interruptions do not go unnoticed. Proper phone etiquette should be used at work and excessive phone usage could be considered a productivity issue. Making personal phone calls at work is a privilege and not a guaranteed right especially when using company phones. Employees are not paid to make personal calls and doing so creates a potential loss in productivity and time as well as a distraction for those nearby. With the enhacments of technology, communication has improved; e-mail is now part of an integral part of the communications landscape. This in turn necessitates the...