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The war of the American Revolution lasted for eight years, 1775-1783, years that tested Americans' dedication to independence. In the process, the country's first war both shaped and tested Americans' ideals of national character. In 1775 the Continental Congress felt that the union of the colonies was complete, not withstanding that Georgia was not yet represented in the congress. On June 7, in a resolution for a general fast, they had spoken, for the first time, of the then twelve United Colonies (Georgia not yet represented). To make the bond stronger they now, on motion of John Adams, adopted the forces as a Continental Army, and proceeded to choose a commander-in-chief. At the suggestion of the New England delegation, Thomas Johnson of Maryland nominated George Washington, of Virginia, then a member of the Congress, for that important office, and he was elected by a unanimous vote. The American Army is born, the Continental army, which through dedication and conviction the Americans overpowered the British for a window of achievement for the United States.

The response of George III and his ministers to the events at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill was a determined effort to put an end to the rebellious colonists by force. It took time to mount this effort, and after Bunker Hill the Americans enjoyed a break lasting almost a year. During most of this period the Second Continental Congress, though forced by events in New England to take on itself the leadership of an armed revolt, proceeded hesitantly, still seeking a method for reconciliation that would preserve American rights. Military preparations were designed for a short struggle, to endure no longer than the end of the year 1776. Nevertheless the Americans took advantage of the break to create a national army, to consolidate their hold...