Contrast of two versions of Macbeth's Beliefs.

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Belief on Witches

More than four hundred years ago everybody believed in witches and everyone had a good quality ideal of what a witch looked like and what they did and how they done it. This was a good advantage to Shakespeare, as he knew a lot about the witches. Polanski's portrayals of the witches are very different, as today in life people usually don't believe in witches; they only live in fairy tales.

The witches are said to be very frightening and very powerful. They were said to have power of the weather conditions and all that is evil. They had power over nature, over the wind, storms, rain, and fog. The witches had hideous faces. They looked similar to men only they were women with beards! Their faces were ugly and green (in some cases). They had a huge blemish on their end of their snout. They had a power of any creature that they wanted.

They could have the power of a snake. They could kill you instantly. Plus many were scared to be around any type of witch. Polanski's had to use the information that Shakespeare used in the play and his own knowledge of the witches over the past four hundred years.


Throughout the Polanski's video we discover the witches "don't get out much." In Shakespeare's text in the opening the only information he gives us are three words to think about the witches being among others is "A desolate place." These three words may tell us that the witches want to be alone or have to be alone, as the public doesn't want them. Which is why in Polanski's movie the witches open in an eerie, lonely, and scary area. Which made me consider; Are these witches actual people only with...