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Copy Ca"t"pra Frank Capra brought joy and hope in our hearts in the early days of the depression to cheer us up. In the movie It Happened One Night (Capra, 1934 USA), Frank Capra started his own new Genre of Romantic Comedy. This new genre brought the women to see the Joy and Love in these movies and finally teenage couples can come and watch a cute funny movie and enjoy their first kisses. The funny thing is that we still see that today in film, Capra "esq." films as they call it are still around, swarming like bees.

When people go pay nine dollars for their typical romantic flick. They don't realize that Frank Capra and his joyful movies influenced the film they are soon to be watching which is very sad but true. When I saw It Happened One Night (Capra, 1934 USA) I could think of so many romantic comedies that I was going to feel like a dizzy horse.

For example in the movie The Wedding Planner starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez. Matthew McConaughey was in the ceremony going to get married but it just happens that he loves another and just runs away and cancels the wedding. I'm wondering where they got that? Frank Capra really just set the standard for Romantic Comedies. It's almost like he had an outline for Romantic comedies that you had to follow. First off, they meet each other; then they start to hate each other. Then something really bad happens and they don't talk to each other. In reality they love each other so by the end of the movie they get married. What made him think of this? Seeing Romantic Film to another is almost repetitive but is that all that matters. Romantic films isn't just for the story, it is also to give us the hope we have and the joy. It gives a teenage couple to go to the movies and kiss. When I watch a romantic movie I always just think about my girlfriend. It's a great movie to relax to and chuckle a little. All in All, we all have a little Capra in us.