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In the last cases of copyright infringement, which continues to be a reoccurring topic in the legal aspects of e-commerce. The main focus was the question; who owns the copyright? Copyrights are the rights to ones works. In some cases the author sells many copyrights to companies for a profit. Free lace writers; work for the New York Times and other publishers. These free lace writers give their work to the company who then owns the copyright. Which means the owner can publish this material in his or her papers or magazines etc. As the new e-business era expands and existing laws begin to conflict with copyright, disputes begin to arise.

In the case New York Times V. Tasini; New York Times felt that they had the right to publish the work of their free lace writers on the Internet. The writers felt that since there work was being shown to a bigger audience that they should be receiving the royalties to these works.

Although New York Times owned the copyright; does it cover the internet media? In the Case New York Times V. Tasini The decision was no, it does not include the internet media. In my opinion I think that the New York Times should have reissued a new contract for the Internet use. The court also felt the same way in this aspect. The courts thinking behind the case; was the free lace writers should have the rights to the work on the Internet or least receive royalties for them. Many other free lace writers are suing for this reason with other companies. It looks like this will continue to haunt many companies for years to come. Copyrights and contracts will have to change.

With the Internet comes other forms of media that can be downloaded from...