Is Corporal Punishment A Good Way To Punish Children?

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Is corporal punishment a good way to punish children? Approach over corporal punishment as the means of discipline is very various. Some people claim that corporal punishment should not be taken in any case due to the possibility of child abuse. Others argue that the appropriate use of corporal punishment should be one of methods to teach children a lesson. It is contended that we should not consider corporal punishment as a way to punish children because of its less effects, the possibility of child abuse, human rights that children naturally have to be protected.

The use of corporal punishment will not take proper effect on children as one method of punishments. When we punish our children, we expect that they will regret their fault and correct their behavior. However, corporal punishment hardly seems to be effective because physical punishment just gives them pain but nothing else. Some may argue that corporal punishment with the conversation with children can enhance more effect on the education of children.

However, the effect comes from conversation with children about their behavior not from physical punishment. In addition, the more parents manipulate corporal punishment, the less the effect of punishment parents will see because children at the particular age may not be afraid of corporal punishment any more. In short, we should reconsider the effect of corporal punishment as the way of discipline children.

Secondly, corporal punishment has a serious backlash in child development. Many are concerned of child abuse and its results. The repeated and often used physical punishment is, in the other words, child abuse. This child abuse can create destructive characters. Some children who have been punished physically tend to be aggressive and violent. Therefore, chances are that they can not be social and abusive adults.

Lastly, we do not...