Corporate Welfare

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Corporate Welfare Corporate Welfare is the worst government program known in existence today. Giving tax dollars to many companies that make a lot of money in the first place is disgusting and should be ended. Some will try to justify the fact that Corporate Welfare creates jobs, but this is just a major farce. This affects many of the people in a democracy in negative ways. There are also many solutions to solving the problem of Corporate Welfare.

The belief that Corporate Welfare creates jobs is a hoax and a folly.

any of the companies, big and small get Corporate Welfare and do not hire any additional workers. For example, Exxon Corporation created 305 jobs and received $213,000,000 of Corporate Welfare. This is ridiculous, why does a company that already makes a large profit, in the billions of dollars need that much Corporate Welfare? Other companies that have similar numbers on corporate welfare are Shell Chemical with 140 billion dollars, and International Paper with 103 billion dollars.

Both of these companies combined obtained over 240 billion dollars in Corporate Welfare, but yet only hired about 170 workers a piece over this period of time. Also, many companies have tremendous Corporate Welfare funds, yet hired very few workers. The first example of this in Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil Oil created one job and received $29.1 million dollars. Who can justify a job that costs 29.1 million dollars? Dow Chemical created nine jobs at a price of 10.7 million dollars per job. That is unreal how these companies can say, how anyone can say that Corporate Welfare creates jobs. It goes on though. Olin Corporation created a whopping five jobs at a cost of 6.3 million dollars a piece. BP created eight jobs at a massive 4 million dollars a piece.