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Technology and innovation - Exxon Co. A case study

Lots of good info from unpublished internal documents at Exxon. Excelent researchI. EXXON CORPORATE HISTORY· 1870 - Standard Oil Company formedJohn D. ... companies in each area. Creole, Imperial, and Humble were left as separate regions.· 1972 - Exxon Corporation name adopted1975 - Venezuelan assets nationalizedThe name change was needed so tha ... n transportation fuels, especially gasoline. Texaco Canada Inc. was renamed McCoU-Frontenac Inc.II. EXXON TODAY· Business ObjectiveExxon's overall objective is 'to remain the world's most profi ...

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The Exxon Valdez Disaster: an analysis of the company's response and the repercussions of those responses

1. What was the basis for the crisis?The basis for the crisis was that Exxon really didn't have an emergency plan for a spill that near to shore. They were more concerned ... decisions that led to the crisis?This depends on whether you see the cause as a policy decision by Exxon or an accident caused by their employee Captain Joseph Hazlewood, He admits to consuming at le ... d distance of the oil spills. The data gathered from their calculations was used by Coast Guard and Exxon crew members to clean up the spills. Exxon paid for several methods of cleanup. A small oil-bu ...

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Crandon Mine: Good Or Bad

In the 1970's, a company called Exxon, found 55 million tons of ore near Crandon, Wisconsin. There are some valuable pieces and some ...

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How does Wal-Mart Keep their competitive advantage and sustain their position in discount retailing?

n increase of 8.3 percent ( The only other corporation larger than Wal-Mart to date is Exxon Mobile. So how does Wal-Mart keep their competitive advantage and sustain their position in di ...

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Analyze the Consequences of Globalization

s expanded without recognition of national boarders. International organizations such as Coca Cola, Exxon, British Petroleum, Disney, McDonald's, Sony, and IBM, symbolize such a process.Globalization ...

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Oil Spills

mall, ordinary seabird. It is March 24, 1987 and far away from you is an enormous tanker called the Exxon Valdez, coming at an astonishing speed. You do not worry, for these huge ships come along very ... io is nothing but a harsh reality that most people were unconcerned about until the disaster of the Exxon Valdez. The Valdez spill, tragically unnecessary though it was, has served as a laboratory for ...

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Cleaning up after the exxon valdez was a mistake

Cleaning Up after the Exxon Valdez Was A Mistake Through many hours of research I have determined that the spill c ... ineral grains stably bound to oil droplets 1 to 10 microns in diameter. (Beached) For instance, the Exxon scientists found that flocculation can increase the area of the oil-water interface -- sometim ... Alaskan shoreline contributed to the unusually efficient emulsification of beached Valdez oil, the Exxon studies indicate. (Beached) They also suggest that adding such flours to shores with low clay ...

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Chevron Texaco Merger

tand-alone basis could not effectively compete with the merged might of the likes of BP Amoco Arco, Exxon Mobil and TotalFinaElf.There is some truth to oil management's arguments that they can increas ...

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Exxon Valdez

of how business, society, and government did not act proactive but reactive was the incident of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on March 24, 1989 in Alaska's Prince William Sound. This was the largest oil ... ntington Beach, California. There were many stakeholders at risk that would never of benefited form Exxon, if the spill never happened. However the clean up attempt was too slow and they were unprepar ...

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Corporate Welfare

companies, big and small get Corporate Welfare and do not hire any additional workers. For example, Exxon Corporation created 305 jobs and received $213,000,000 of Corporate Welfare. This is ridiculou ...

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What is the best mistake you ever made? What impo

One of my most challenging roles at Exxon was as coordinator for an internally resourced improvement program focused on cost, throughput ...

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Stock Analysis

o investments I was going to buy for real money just weeks earlier.The first investment I chose was Exxon Mobil Corp., I bought it at a high rate of $61.60 a share, but I had heard of a merge with ano ...

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Walmart's management strategies inside and out

in the retail industry sales; the company has 216 billion in sales the second largest company after Exxon Mobil. The corporation has 1.8 million staff, biggest private sector employment in the world. ...

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Marketing Plan: Phase I

onomical to the general public, which is bio-diesel. This paper will briefly discuss the history of Exxon, and gave a brief description of bio-diesel. In addition, it will outline the importance of ma ... ng approach to best develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product.Company OverviewExxon is more then just a place where individuals can go to get gas. This is how the majority of the ...

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Environmental Sciences and Ethics Paper-Exxon Valdez

One drunken Captain Joseph J. Hazelwood creates the world’s worst oil spill with the help from Exxon USA. Exxon enabled Captain Hazelwood, a drunk, to have control of one of their oil tankers. Si ... blame that causes this environmental disaster.The harbor pilot gives back control of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez, to Hazelwood. The captain started giving a series of unusual orders such as, ordering ...

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Strategic Issues

April 22, 2008Strategic IssuesThis paper will address strategic issues related with Apple Computer, Exxon Mobil Chemical, and FedEx Express and how they demonstrated and utilized strategic thinking th ... f Us" CD, developed by Anderson, if their products were adding value to the bottom line (FEI, 2006).Exxon MobilExxon Mobil Chemical, a subsidiary of the world's number one oil company, Exxon Mobil, is ...

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Exxon Mobile/ Social Responsibility

Exxon MobilExxon Mobil is listed as one of the world's largest fortune 500 companies according to Fo ... size, I became interested in this company for my research paper on corporate social responsibility.Exxon Mobile has a rich history that dates back to 1859. It all started when two individuals drilled ... developed a famous slogan "put a tiger in your tank." In 1972, the company changes its name to the Exxon Corporation ( March 24 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground in Pri ...

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History of Exxon-Mobil Oil Company

To trace the history of Exxon-Mobil Oil Corporation, we first need to go back to the formation of Standard Oil Company. John ... on. From there Mobil went on to be the most influential Oil company in the entire world, along with Exxon.In 1984, Exxon Oil company topped the $100 billion mark for revenues for the first time. Exxon ... ing until The Valdez Oil spill in 1989 off the small port city of Valdez, Alaska. Finally, in 1999, Exxon and Mobil joined to form Exxon Mobil corporation. The merger shaved off approximately $4.6 bil ...

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Marketing Plan: Phase III Paper

For many reasons that have been clearly described thus far, Exxon Mobil would greatly benefit from implementing biodiesel into the organizations product line. B ... nto the organizations product line. Biodiesel offers a multitude of beneficial attributes, and with Exxon Mobil being an already established corporation, it would not be difficult to market and sell t ... c. In addition, biodiesel has already been manipulated during many phases of production; therefore, Exxon Mobil will not be required to work as hard to make the product marketable. The only factor tha ...

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Ford Motor Company, Microsoft and Exxon - working capital, current ratio, and quick (acid-test) ratio

, and quick (acid-test) ratio) to determine how much cash is available for the Ford, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil companies to pay their current debts? Liquidity is the company's ability to convert nonca ... . The increase in working capital is a favorable sign and allows Microsoft to be in good shape. The Exxon Mobil company had a working capital of $5,116 in 2002 ( $38,291 - $33,175 ) and $5,567 in 2001 ...

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