Crandon Mine: Good Or Bad

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In the 1970's, a company called Exxon, found 55 million tons of ore near Crandon, Wisconsin. There are some valuable pieces and some common. They want to get the ore out by mining. This would affect about 550 acres around the mine site. Could this affect you? The good things about mining the ore would be to get all of those valuable ores and people could buy them for less money if more are produced. Also many more people in the Northeastern part of Wisconsin could have a job in or for the mine. The company would have to pay taxes which would pay for state, school, and local taxes.

Of course, there are bad things about mining the ore also. The main thing is toxic chemicals will go into the water and air, polluting them. Also the chemicals will go underground and could flow into farm fields, damaging the crops.

The town that this mine will be built in will have dust which could make people that live there and people visiting there sick.

My opinion is, I think the mine should not be built because of all the things it will damage. The air, water, crops, animals, and people. It will toxicate the air and water. It will ruin crops that the farmers may use for food or ship it to stores. The mine could also hurt any animal or person who accidently fell in or breathed in too much dust. The only good thing that comes out of this mine, would be the opportunity for more people to have a job. But even then those people are in danger of getting hurt my equipment or breathing dust. Do you think the Crandon Mine should be built?