Cosmetic Surgery

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The 21st century has made the cosmetic surgery industry very profitable. Cosmetic procedures can be surgical and non-surgical. Surgical methods include face lifts and liposuction, and are performed in a surgeon's clinic or an outpatient surgery center or hospitals. Usually it is done on an outpatient basis but some surgeons may hospitalize patients for a day when using general anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery is one of the few types of medical care for which consumers pay almost exclusively out of pocket. Cosmetic procedures, in most cases, are not covered by medical insurance, yet many people are willing to pay out of pocket for the procedures. Now that these procedures are more affordable and available the non-surgical procedures are a more affordable option than a surgical procedure. Prices for medical services have been rising faster than prices of other goods and services for as long as anyone can remember. Even so, the demand for cosmetic surgery exploded in recent years.

Demand for materials and equipment used in cosmetic surgery procedures is forecast to increase and America's obsession with youth is driving growth in cosmetic procedures. With the decrease in prices for these procedures and more affordable substitutes such as non-surgical procedures raises the demands for the procedures. Non-surgical procedures include: Botox injections and Laser usually performed in a surgeon's clinic in less than an hour. The top three causes for having a cosmetic procedure are: changing a natural trait for example a "nose job", the second reason is to minimize the effects of aging and finally body curves, for example liposuction and a breast lift. Another reason people are having cosmetic surgery performed are due to an accident or a birth defect. Many physicians, who are the suppliers, are meeting the demands by performing more outpatient services. Physicians performing some surgeries in...