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Name: Chapter 10 review sheet 1. What face shape is generally recognized as ideal? 2. _________ and texture combine with direction and movement to create hairstyles.

3. As a rule, what type of parts work well with an oval-shaped face? 4. What kind of volume will an on-base tool placement give you? 5. Waves, curls, and crimped texture are all examples of __________ character.

6. The most common straight shapes are the square, triangle, and what.

7. Molding is the term used for combing ______ hair into the desired position.

8. Partings are lines that subdivide shapes or sections to help distribute and ___________ the hair.

9. Base control is the combination of the size of the base and the position of the _________ in relation to the base.

10. _______________ is using a cushion brush to brush all the way to the scalp to integrate the bases.

11. Blow drying is another term for ___________.

12. Hair pressing is another term for ____________.

13. Coarse, over-curly hair can be quite resistant to _____________.

14. Who was the guy who first introduced the thermal iron? 15. An undulating thermal iron will produce a/an _____________pattern.

16. A fingerwave connects two oblong shapes by means of a what? 17. Sculpture curl is another name for a what? 18. Flat pincurls are used to achieve what? 19. The stem will determine the amount of ____________a pin curl will have.

20. Hollow space and flair are created from what? 21. A skip wave is a combination of flat pincurls and what? 22. What is another name for a visible braid? 23. The French twist is also known as what? 24. Fingerwaves, pincurls and skip waves are all examples of what? 25. Form and _________ combine with direction and movement to create hairstyles.

26. A...